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Fiddler's Green Souvenir Books!

People who are waiting for their CBLDF-premium copies of the Fiddler's Green Souvenir Book will probably be pleased to learn, according to the cover letter that arrived with mine yesterday, that Mile High Comics have taken over distribution of CBLDF merchandise (and they are doing a great job of catching up on shipments!).
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We've been reading Alice in Wonderland aloud for long car rides, have just got past the Mad Tea Party, and suddenly I know the answer to the Mad Hatter's riddle.

C'mon. You're steeped in Sandman. Think for one minute and tell me you don't know why a raven is like a writing desk.

I wonder if Mr. Gaiman had any idea.
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Best four-sentence Mirrormask review

This review from Erin Lindsey, who does the webcomic Venus Envy, captures my impressions from the FG presentation of Mirromask fragments:
Go see MirrorMask. Go see it right now. It's like Neil Gaiman ate 'Labyrinthe' after covering it with too much taco sauce, went to bed with an upset stomach, and dreamed it even MORE awesome and weird (and without David Bowie, to boot). Plus it has the world's hardest riddle, which I won't spoil just now.
It was too good not to share.