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Stories, pictures, contacts, and friendships

Fiddlers Green Con
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Fiddler's Green was a Sandman-focused convention at the Millennium Hotel in Minneapolis, 12-14 November 2004. Neil Gaiman, Karen Berger, Charles Vess, Caitlin Kiernan, Todd Klein, Jill Thompson gave their time, as the Guests of Honor, along with many many volunteers (as for how long it actually took to pull things together, we don't know; we didn't run the con).

Because of the wonderful networking of people who set up the convention, CBLDF, and groups like alt.fan.neilgaimanthingie, the neilgaiman.com message boards, and the people who read Neil's blog via LJ, the con was an amazing success, instead of, as Neil put it, "12 people wandering a large hotel".

The purpose of this community is to give the officialgaiman readers some place to talk to each other, other than just replying to Neil threads.

If you went to the con and want to share pictures, are looking for pictures, looking for people, or just want to talk about the Neil related things, feel free to do so here. If you wished you could've attending the con and want to know what it was like, feel free to ask about it here. Any Neil-ish topic is fair game. =)

(Haphazard Disclaimer: We, in no way, represent the thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc. of any one other than ourselves. We are just fans who thought it would be nice to have a place for all of the LJ-using Gaiman fans to get in touch and chat.)

Basic Rules
-Be nice
-Post large pictures behind an lj-cut, please.

-- your community maintainers and moderators, sahroe and coraline